Differentiate yourself and deliver better advice within your retirement plans

Interactive Planning

Plan with Your Clients

Getting the answers to questions like “How much can I spend in retirement?” can now be done in real-time, collaboratively, with the client right beside you. JourneyGuide leverages proprietary algorithms to run thousands of simulations with lightning speed, so you can immediately show your client the effect of changing key variables in their retirement plan. You won’t need to say, “I’ll get back to you,” anymore

Impact of Guaranteed Income Streams

Protect Against Longevity Risk

The impact of when one takes Social Security is demonstrated instantly with JourneyGuide. Other guaranteed income streams like pension and annuity benefits are simple to include. Current annuity pricing is integrated directly into the tool, unlike any other software. JourneyGuide illustrates the findings of our research with leading universities – there is a balanced approach to blending investments with guaranteed income to improve retirement outcomes.

Move Clients from Uncertainty to Confidence

Manage Sequence of Return Risk

Show your clients the changes they can make to go from uncertainty to success in retirement. Our Income Frontier graph keeps you the advisor focused on ensuring your strategy is in the best interests of your clients. We give you and your clients confidence that they will have what they need regardless of the market outcome.

Understand The Pitfalls

Create a Plan for the "What ifs"

The most careful plans for retirement can fall apart due to a multitude of risks. Use JourneyGuide to stress test your proposed plan from the following:

  • Long Term Care
  • Early Death
  • Early Employment
  • Stock Market Losses
Know Your Best Strategy

Optimize Social Security

Calculate your client’s Social Security benefits at each possible age using their Primary Insurance Amount or prior year wages, and if eligible, determine the best route for claiming spousal benefits.