About Us

Solving one of America's biggest problems

Our Software

JourneyGuide  is not your typical retirement planning tool – it’s the best approach to retirement income planning.

Our Mission

Exceed customer expectations and provide the best outcome for their clients.

What We Do

JourneyGuide allows advisors to interactively work with their clients and provide answers to their most important retirement questions in seconds, not days.

Our History

It started with a challenge to prove or disprove whether or not annuities, coupled with your investments, positively impact retirement plans. We took that challenge and found, sure enough, annuities did address both longevity risk and sequence of return risk – two of the most significant factors that impact retirement planning. We knew then we had to share our findings with advisors. Because of this, JourneyGuide has gone from a challenge, to an Excel spreadsheet, to a retirement planning software that is genuinely changing the way people think about and plan for retirement. 

Our Leadership Team

The JourneyGuide leadership team is compromised of financial services and technology industry veterans with over 75 years combined experience in financial planning, software development, and sales and business development.

Co-Founder, President

Co-Founder, Chief R&D Officer

Chief Technology Officer

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It’s time to disrupt the industry. Join us as we create a new way to plan for retirement.