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How Serious Are We About Retirement Planning?

At NASA they are famous for saying that their greatest accomplishment was not getting man to the moon, but rather it was getting man back to earth safely. That was the greater challenge. That is what took the most time.

When it comes to retirement, as a financial advisor your greatest accomplishment shouldn’t be getting your clients to retirement. That is asset accumulation. Every advisor can do that. Your greatest accomplishment should be getting all your clients through retirement so they can retire earlier and not outlive their retirement savings. That is asset decumulation. That’s the greater challenge. That is your competitive advantage. Promote that!

But your planning software is mostly focused on asset accumulation and used mostly for HNW clients as plans take too long to generate for your mass affluent clients. As proof, your software dedicates only a module for your clients retirement! At JourneyGuide, retirement planning is all we do. We do it better than anyone else, and our co-planning process can build a comprehensive retirement plan in 20 minutes!

As a financial advisor you have done a great job working with your “A” clients. You have earned their trust and confidence. They are going to be ok in retirement as they have plenty of wealth and savings so they won’t outlive their money. What if you could achieve the same success with your “B” and “C” clients? What would it mean to you to double your revenues? Is this worth a small investment in new planning software?

You can be the financial advisor who gets your clients TO and THROUGH retirement. You can differentiate yourself. You can deliver holistic financial advice to all your clients. Welcome to JourneyGuide Planning Software.


Using readily available client data, JourneyGuide runs a sophisticated analysis to quickly calculate your client’s after-tax, inflation-adjusted retirement income AND the likelihood of meeting their retirement income goal.


Answer “What if” questions in real time, eliminating hours of prep work and “I’ll get back to you.” Working collaboratively with your client, you can adjust key variables to see the impact on retirement income, and compare various scenarios against a baseline.


JourneyGuide moves clients from uncertainty to confidence. Show your clients what retirement will look like on their current path and the changes they can make to improve their chances of getting through retirement without running out of money. Our Income-Risk graph keeps you the advisor focused on ensuring your strategy is always in the best interest of your client. We also give you confidence that your strategy results in making sure your client comes out better in every possible market.