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What Our Customers Say

My client’s have been impressed by JourneyGuide. They say it’s easy to understand, gives them confidence, and finds solutions to tough problems. As for me, JourneyGuide is the best thing that’s happened to my practice in years.

Coby Harper

Tristar Strategic Group

Journey Guide has helped our firm bring more transparency to our client’s retirement by taking them down a path of understanding with easy to comprehend metrics and impactful visuals. Being able to build a plan side by side with your client, instantaneously throw in those “what if” scenarios on the fly, and show the end result has been a game-changer. Our clients love the co-planning experience Journey Guide has created.

Jeremiah Konger

Annuity Association

Every client we have goes through a retirement plan. Our firm’s owner is writing a book on retirement and JourneyGuide features prominently because we’ve helped so many people with it and grown our assets under management substantially.

Mark Belcak

MTM Financial Group

What Experts Say

"JourneyGuide illustrates whether or how the client's retirement plan outcome improves with the actual features of particular annuity products.....isn't the ability to determine which annuity products really do or don't help exactly what good retirement planning software should be able to illustrate..."
Michael Kitces
Industry Expert

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